Carpet Removal in Miami

If you are planning on putting in some new carpet, hardwood floors, or even tile, you will have to get rid of what is currently there. Battles Junk Removal can take care of all your carpet and flooring demolition needs.

The Battles Crew Will….

Rip up any carpet and padding

Cover as much surface area as needed

Neatly roll up & haul carpet outside

Remove all the carpet & flooring

Dispose of all carpet & flooring responsibly

Battles Junk Removal has trained professionals that can rip out your old carpet and haul it away; this includes taking all the padding and tacks along with it! Also, we make sure to clean away any glue or adhesive that was holding the padding to the floor. When we finish your carpet demo and removal, we always make sure that it looks spotless.

The same standards for removing carpet goes for hardwood and tile flooring. Tile can take a bit longer at times because of the grout or mesh wiring used to hold it down. Either way though, we will get everything up and haul it all away for you. When you hire Battles Junk Removal to take care of you carpet and flooring demolition, you know that it will look fresh and clean when the job is completed.

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